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Haden Fig and Evesham Wood

Wine is inherently social: made by and enjoyed best in small groups. While it’s also fun to open a bottle on one’s own, the experience is more delicious when it’s shared. Our wine tells a story, and it is best told together. To bridge the gap caused by social distancing, we are now offering remote versions of our tasting cabin experience with our in-house Advanced Sommelier, Chris.

Once you and your loved ones receive your selected wines (Succinct or Long paths), we will arrange a video conference to offer the framing and details you would receive at the tasting cabin. And after the wine side of the conversation has wrapped, we will exit and leave you to your visit.

We are now offering free delivery in the Portland and Salem-metro areas. (We will manually remove shipping when processing your credit card.)

We are also offering wine consultations and friendly conversations with Chris. If you would like tasting notes or to learn more about our production, please email or call 614.323.7292.

Below you’ll find all available current releases offered directly from Evesham Wood. As we’re also the people behind Evesham Wood, you can purchase those here as well. We update this list as wines are released (mid-Oct and mid-May) and remove them as they sell out. If you are looking for a particular vintage or large-format bottling, please do reach out to us. Depending on what you are looking for, we have some wines from the 2012 vintage through what you see below.

Remember: When you buy twelve or more bottles of Evesham Wood or Haden Fig, in any combination, a 10% discount will be applied at checkout.

Note: Due to extreme weather conditions and their detrimental effect on wine, we will only be shipping outside of the West Coast in the Spring and Fall. We are happy to hold your order for you until shipping is possible. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about this process.

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